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my only fear was judgment, but why fear that, because it's inevitable... this is my bubble of struggles, love, life, hope, and dreams...

Friday, June 18, 2010

You are pooping me.

"seriously? SERIOUSLY?.. like.. are you sure??!.............. we got into BEATDOWN DANCE COMPETITION 2010'?.... "

Monday was when they actually announced all the teams through a video on youtube but sunday was the day that our teams find out... sunday morning I get a txt saying that we got in ... it was a hard tiring day to wake up for church, but this definitely helped big time... but the whole day, all i was thinking was.. WOW, IM IN AWE.... how did that video that we took get us in?.. i mean, that was only the second time WOOF Legacy ever came together to session.. and i know atleast that i didn't put nearly enough energy in that video as i usually do when i dance on stage. and i just dont understand why... whyyy??..

it makes me that much more :O when i found out that it wasn't nu-lite that choose the teams, it was LITERALLY.. MIKE SONG, JIA, AND ALLL THOSE JUDGES that are judging that day that choose us!!!! .. WATT?. like.. they acutally know us. THEY KNOW US !? :O how did i get here? this day, to even have the honor to compete with all those LEGIT LEGIT teams ... and months ago i was thinking and saying .. " beat down? .. dudde, i like dont touch that stuff man, its sooo out of my limits." but now i'm gonna be stepping on that stage.... sharing it, with KABAmodern, traphic, and all those sick pppl and performers from toronto. It's hard to comprehend because we know that this exposure, to 1400+ audiences (in that audience can be veryyyy important ppl) andd being able to grow, to learn, and just have fun that day with everyone still blows myy mind! . practice. practice. practice!. we can only imagine the things that can come from this one opportunity that we WILLL RIP. :D!

as each day passes, my heart and mind just fears it so much that i just get more afriad each day, but instead of being afraid, it gets turned into passion, motivation, perserverance.

Today WOOF Legacy had our first meeting at my place, hk style bbq, wat a great day to just brainstorm, chill, eat and be merry :) it was wonderful in so many ways <3 can't wait for this journey to begin.

How did this all start for me ??... Vybe in gr 10. still dancing, never could let it go, it was what i loved, enjoyed, excelled in, so i continued, but stilll how did i get this chance to compete with these other teams ?... how?.... hah :) as Phoebe says... its time to accept the fact that you can dance Angie, getting into these competitions, being asked to join this team and that team, have CONFIDENCE. :) time to listen to the elderly.......... HAHA :)

Let this chapter begin, and let us embrace and cherish all that it brings us to.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We all know time flies, it really does, I cant waste even one day to dishonor God,
" you are the choice you make" if i sit around doing nothing, im nothing to this world. I have to get up and do something .. if i sit and dont exercise, i become fat

" you are the choices you make"