In my bubble

my only fear was judgment, but why fear that, because it's inevitable... this is my bubble of struggles, love, life, hope, and dreams...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

#petpeeve when ppl give you a pissed off death stare, clearly mad at you, or annoyed, yet keeps quiet and doesnt explain themselves. makes you feel very super unwanted. wat an ugly move.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

waiting on time to deeds may be done. truth.

blasting xtian music til the death of me, unhealthy-HOLD ON.

im here for no reason, not even when somethings up, do i matter anymore?... HOLD ON.

friends are easy... so easy.... HOLD ON.

too watery. stop you're flooding the world ...HOLD ON?...

this string is getting so thin.. HOLD ON?..

too much pain and suffocation ....HOLD ON?????..........

just breath.

ps. sry housemates-ty

Sunday, March 13, 2011


What are best friends for? ...

everything :).
No regrets coming on impulse to see my best friend and calling the other bestie in toronto to join the ride for "mission bestfreind therapy "

this weekend was such a blessing, even though i had alot of errands to run to solve all the changed plans, it will be fine, from missing prof's volunteer opportunity, to rehersals and not writing my resume for jobs, and making choreo for coffee house, dissapointhing them with a canceled rehearsal.. you know what?.. all that will heal in the coming week, this was quite the priority on my list to be their for my bestfreind.

The only thing i risk coming here was not a risk at all.. i only knew that our relationships would be THAT much stronger, and i know that they are. We bonded like crazy with hair dye's dinner, amazing outreach event and masks, whip lash's, banana bread, crying, laughing, drinking in our safe atmosphere, screaming, singing ,dancing, twistering, starbucks, wine, soho, games, jokes, and all nighters. ITS WHAT WE DO.

I dun care what anyone says.. this is an EMERGENCY. it truly is, and i can't believe its sunday and im going back to my life now. i freakin care about these girls i WOULD drop my life to see em'. this is our relationship. so blessed. you can TRY to break us. it wont happen.

God thank you for this unforgettable weekend. <3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


you really at times can't tell how much someone is hiding behind their smiles....
i personally can't really hold my emotions in .. but definitely can from strangers....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Its that time of the year again ..!
ash wed. today... and ive decided after yrs of doing fb, meat, iduno what, this yr... things have changed.. its not "giving up" things .... technically.. it is .. "giving up time" but more so this yr, i want to do something... i want to PRAY ... for 25 mins /day.

i know it's gonna be SUCH a struggle cuase to stay still/pray .... 25 mins seems quite the time... especially if im so busy this month... and april... i really will need the holy spirit and God to help me.. but im rather excited for God to reveal to me things i nvr knew before... and i have faiith that God will help me with this and speak to me :)

Cant wait.

itll be hard but I CANT WAIT. God help me. and reveal to me things i never knew before. i KNOW that there is 25 mins worth of things to pray about in this huge world. and everyone that surrounds me. Help me pray for them. Prayer is SOO important..

and what a coincidence it is... that this fridays program at acf is about PRAYER :)


Friday, March 4, 2011


hmm, haven't blogged much lately...
prob cause everything is getting busy!
so much is happening this month its kinda crazy can't exactly wrap my head around it all and as time flies so quickly im loosing my chances of many opportunities..with so many open exec positions from clubs, and job searches and just so many applications that have a due date!! yet i duno where to start which one is prioritY? and not to mention got alot of errands to run.. but im very blessed to have all these opportunities ..

On top of all those applications and extra worries for this summer and stuff, I have a month filled with assignments and school work, im blessed im done my midterms,

Aside from the academics and life, i have alot of performances this month. man, its overwhelming, making choreo, and learning choreo , and i have it all in like 15 days. D: wow. and the shin splints dont help! :P for one of the biggest shows in the year, but it's always a blessing because even though this makes me kinda nervous and a lil stressed, its what i enjoy to do and willing to do, i think in the midsts of all of this wrk and worries, this is really something that i do treasure and makes these days easier .--ie exercise is always a stress reliever ! thank you for dance

I guess i havent been sleeping oh too well or eating too well lately with all these things in my mind that i have yet to figure out where to start.. but all in all i know march is going to be wonderful. its a great time of the year :)

Lets add oil and get things done ! yay