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my only fear was judgment, but why fear that, because it's inevitable... this is my bubble of struggles, love, life, hope, and dreams...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what's the source of my thoughts?anger? sadness? confusion(again..)?
where do they come from ? ...pride?... doubt? ....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

trust in me, its sad,- but i think i need your trust, to build my own trust in myself. what a shame... you can be better than that angie. believe in yourself.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dude i need to sleep, havent recovered from the weekend of competition and now im wrking at cne .. standing for like 6 to 7 hrs a day. ahhhh.. :) simple words that describe the weekend for me, inspirational, fantastic, stress, tired. haha... iduno, im tired atm, but i just wanted to still say how proud i am of our dance team, ... i rmb when i saw those other routines, i was like.. damn, they are freakinnn sickk! ... and they are!.. but you know what?... WOOF LEGACY is sick for the time that we've put everything together and being a new team, vs all those well known established teams... is quite the difference and a couple of them have less than 1 yr of dance experience too!. which is amazing to me, and also we danced for the full mins unlike how the large groups were able to dance go off dance, go off, ... : ) all these are not my excuses cause i think we didnt do well compared to the other teams, im really proud of my team cause i think its amazing what we did together.... that is all :) ... and this all did get thrown onto my lap this summer.. i just wanted the experience, and now i will just keep growing knowing whats out i did always : )
peace ppl, PEACE.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

thanks PAULINE for devo'ing with me today... oh why do i always fall in TEARS when i talk about things... *sigh... looked into 1thess. and shared thoughts etc. prayed and baked :)... good morning. better than my last minute wanting to cancel and just exercise and pamper myself for dance this sat... <3 thanks again,

working at the COKE stand/ retail sales, wonderfull... its a ONE person job =[ i just stand there.. myself. except on weekends. holy moly. i wanted to wrk at CNE to work WITH PPL meet new ppl... hmm.. total opposite, but ill just talk to strangers.. VISIT ME.. pls.

i basically spent all afternoon getting my CNE id card,
bused to UNION. ate INDIAN ... again.. lol, they were so freindly cuase they newly opened, its only their second week, but man did i eat too much, they gave me so much rice, and naan to go with it, and butter chicken.... guess wat? .. i do what i do, and i ate it all. ALL o.o'' before i went to dance, and was almost too full to dance, and its silly how ppl think i'll dance it off.. nope, i eat it and more all back : P .. tehee i'm a pig. i love food, oh i'll keep eating. just need to change ... it.. cuase unfortunately im not a lucky fast metabolized typical asian girl :T

which had me also come to realization when trying to find costums for BEATDOWN comp. that i've REALLY gained weight, and it sucks to admit it, even to myself.. hahhh but its been good. but my health is in line, and i need to run. and run., and exercise. get FIT. lean... its hard. especially coming from no chocolate/fried stuff/ little meat/chips etc. to.... TOTAL opposite. eat all that stuff on a daily basis. -_- to now.. really neeeding to get back to how it was... before i get fatter. hah yup. LETS DO THIS. discipline.

ps. so sad i couldnt go meet froshies. but my man will intro me when western starts :T since he's a froshie leader <3

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


what things make you smile? keep them close and never forget them. be easily reminded of them so you'll always be filled with joy,,,,

listen JOJO-underneath - press HERE
Micheal Buble's concert the other night with Bparks,
I always say... what a wonderful day.. but I realized any full day/ a date with him is a wonderful day ...

from getting ready.. to meeting up with him, eating dinner at one of my craved food places KAMA an INDIAN resturant<3 and then Micheal Buble's concert that i felt like he was more excited for than I, but thats all goood haha :) and not to mention the cute dress he perfectly chose for me in Korea (size and style wise)

lets just say, i'm so freakin happy he's back :)... its true, we got to know each other probably more than we ever did in those two months of seperation, not bad, it was also a time for me to "make" myself independently as i incorrectly tried to "search" myself at first..
though i hated the unbearable sleepless nights/early mornings just to skype, or waiting for an email.. everyday... the first few weeks SUCKED. but im excited now, to make more memories with you,
cause I know you're a special one ;) Thank you for all your efforts and sincerity, your caring heart and thoughtfulness ...all the time.

i'm a lucky one.just saying. ^^

i guess its true ..." distance makes the heart grow fonder..."

Welcome back 오빠.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i'm sooo happy i went camping, than go to another ordinary weekend of dance... though the competition is coming up in 2 weeks, and we're hella not ready, its called... "balance" :) ... i had to go camping, how often do you get to find a great group of ppl to camp with, all being able to go at the same time together!

what a weekend :) though I didn't quite know these people very well even prior to camping, i dont even care :D i never do, cuase what do you do ?... you just GET TO KNOW EM' and they're all soo chills and nice, i love ppl like that, so this weekend was great....they're all to chill with them even more!... the thing that probably won me over most about choosing to camp this weekend was being able to see my Obba again after 2 months <3 YEHHH it meant alot to spend that weekend with him back, God also blessed up with BEEEAUTIFUL weather!!!, couldn't ask for better even though the last day was a lil wet :) WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEKEND <3

BULGOGI BURGER. best burger i've ever eaten... really...

cassey & justin! cassey & joen & i