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Saturday, November 10, 2012

6 am's

Lord help me tonight, to find rest in You, i've been having such a hard week. sleeping at 6am now, and I have church tmr, yet im a little stressed. not about school. Emotions have been my biggest hurdle this week. Fluctuates way too much. I think its my PMS but boy do I hate this because its actually causing me to really fall and have my schedule messed up. My heart hurts. and I dont know why.. Praying is all I can ever do. Jesus Help me finish choreo and put peace in my heart oh God. I love you, Thank you for your Son. I cant wait for a new morning to praise Your name on high!

On a side note: Guard your little heart Angie. It is not wise to lean on anyone else but Christ. Stay holy surrendered to Christ alone. Be careful who you lean on. Stay Strong and true to yourself.

update: God is amazing and He is sovereign over all things! Praise the Lord! :) After church on sunday, I prayed to Jesus asking Him, " Jesus, if this is your ministry PLEASE GUIDE IT! ... Lord help me make choreo" 10 mins later im pumping out choreo like a monster! :P PRAISE GOD ! so cool! while It took me all of saturday night to fight for choreo for the short chorus, i had nothing for the verse in which God showed me in 20 minutes! He is good! So Good! I would not be able to do that myself, God is good!! :)

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