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Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Its my dad's birthday today. Txted him last night (incase he was sleeping) and called him today. I am so thankful for him... it gets me thinking about the days we laugh together, the day we pig out together ( bc my mom would never let me do this haha..) the days we talk, share and cry together. 

It gets me into tears all the time. As I wrote my passage of thanks to my dad on my tumblr, I was balling my eyes out thinking about the past and thinking about the future. One part I didn't add there but I wanted to add was the fact that theres more to come where my dad will see me graduate, walk me down the aisle, see me have kids, and see them grow up. 

I believe one of the most significant events that is bitter sweet is the moment you walk me down the aisle. The moment you choose to give my all to another man. The moment you give my hand over to his. That moment. The significance of it means so much to me! I cannot begin to fully understand how it would feel like. But I do know that when that time comes, its time. :) We both would know the next season of life is here and God has prepared a great plan for me. 

Its scary to know that I will be going where my future husband goes. This means that I can be leaving to another country, or half way around the world away from my father thats taken care of me all his life..the one that i've been with all my life. Where God calls him, I will go. 

Now that i've seen Phoebe and soon Bonnie walk down that aisle with you, it's the most bittersweet moment that I know we will ever experience. I seek to honour you and serve you until God calls me into marriage. Even then, know that I will still take care of you, I will go to you when you need me. I love you Dad.

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